3 Great Examples of Interactive Marketing Campaigns

3 Great Examples of Interactive Marketing Campaigns
3 Great Examples of Interactive Marketing Campaigns

August 19, 2016

Written By Nick Osler
Interactive Marketing Campaigns

With the recent release of Pizza Hut’s functional turntable pizza box, I started thinking about all of the ways we are now able to make marketing more interactive than ever before.

Thanks to Pokémon Go, marketers are beginning to explore ways to blur the lines between digital and traditional marketing—oftentimes using both to achieve high-impact, unforgettable campaigns. Pokémon Go will allow businesses to more easily combine digital and traditional tactics—like boosting foot traffic via a Poké Stop and offering special in-store discounts to trainers.

But Pokémon Go isn’t the first to capture our attention.

Here are three of our favorite interactive digital marketing campaigns:

Take This Lollipop

We’ll start with the most nefarious of the three.

Back in 2011, there was a growing concern over the online safety of kids and teens. In an effort to bring awareness to the consequences of sharing too much information online, writer and director Jason Zada drew inspiration from classic horror films as well as the age-old warning, “Don’t take candy from strangers.”

Take This Lollipop

From the moment you get to the Take This Lollipop website, you know this won’t be a pleasant experience. The paint-chipped background and the razor blade in the center of the blue lollipop foreshadows what you’re about to get yourself into.

To begin the experience, click the lollipop and connect your Facebook account.

Now remember, this was built when Facebook’s privacy settings were a bit more relaxed and people were more a bit more apt to share very personal information—so the experience might not be as eye-opening as it once might have been.

Click here to take the lollipop. I dare you.

The Wilderness Downtown

The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive film by Chris Milk that features the Arcade Fire song “We Used To Wait.”

The Wilderness Downtown

The interactive music video is also a Chrome Experiment—one of many “web experiments written by the creative coding community.”

While this isn’t necessarily interactive (although the birds on the homepage scatter if you hover over them), it showcases the power of both Google Chrome and HTML5.

The song is about someone who is unable to communicate their true feelings for someone, and by the time they worked up the courage to do so, it was too late. A little cliché, but it’s a great song. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I won’t spoil the video, but it gives the song a bit of a happier ending than what you may interpret from the lyrics alone.

Watch it here.

Adventure Time: Game Wizard

What if you could draw your own video game, take a photo of it and start playing immediately?

Well, the folks at Pixel Press have made that a reality. Adventure Time: Game Wizard allows you to dive into the world of Adventure Time while creating your very own playable levels as well.

You can either build levels in the application, or draw your own games old-school style with a pencil and paper.

While this isn’t necessarily a marketing campaign, imagine sitting at a restaurant with your kids and while you wait for your meal, they can create their own video game as they play.

Similar to Pizza Hut’s DJ pizza box, this is a great example of combining old-school and new-school creative to build a memorable experience.

Seen any interactive campaigns that caught your eye recently? Send them our way.