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Laser Institute of America
Laser Institute of America

Powerful Manufacturing Marketing Results for an Innovative Laser Institution

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Client Overview

The professional society for laser applications and safety founded in 1968, Laser Institute of America (LIA) came to our Manufacturing Marketing Agency seeking an increase in course enrollment and growth in their niche market within the laser industry. 

Campaign Summary

Our team took their goals and created a customized digital marketing plan around them, using strategic tactics throughout the year, including:

  • Detailed persona used to create content that speaks to the target audience
  • Researched keywords and variations to implement throughout the site
  • Content creation for each stage of the buyer’s journey to bring in qualified leads

1,639 Average Monthly Visits


700% Increase in
Monthly Leads


79% Monthly Organic Search Visits

Campaign Results

Through inbound marketing tactics, LIA saw an increase in organic search traffic, users and session duration.

  • 68% New Organic Search Traffic – Of all the traffic to the LIA website, 68% of it was reported to be new organic search traffic. This means that none of the traffic was direct-, paid- or referral-based, which really speaks to how inbound marketing works for bringing in new viewers (and, potentially, new course enrollment), rather than the same repeat viewers who may have already taken the courses required for their jobs.
  • 63% of All Users Are New Users – Of all the users that have come to the LIA website, 63% of them are entirely new users who haven’t yet visited the site. This is another great testament to how inbound marketing can drive in new traffic, in addition to providing great content for repeat visitors to enjoy again and again.
  • 3:34 Minute Average Session Duration – 3:34 is significant because it is a higher-than-average session duration—many other websites average around one minute or less. It’s especially beneficial for LIA because the longer the session duration, the more opportunities for conversion, content consumption and more.
"In an effort to increase their contacts and leads, we created a detailed Facebook advertising campaign that complemented our inbound marketing tactics. This advertisement alone generated 201 new contacts for LIA."

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