How to Best Utilize the Inbound Marketing Certification as a Current Student

How to Best Utilize the Inbound Marketing Certification as a Current Student
How to Best Utilize the Inbound Marketing Certification as a Current Student

July 26, 2016

Written By Marketingzillas
Student Learning Inbound Marketing

Since the late 70s, we’ve been slowly moving toward a method of communication that is incredibly fast and extremely intimate. Because of this, the way marketers reach the people interested in their products has drastically changed.

We want messages that fulfill our needs and address our concerns. And we want the companies that are sending those messages to listen to what we have to say.

Slowly but surely they are starting to figure that out.

You may not even have realized it, but by using your Starbucks loyalty card, taking advantage of Target’s Cartwheel App, gaining information from your favorite bloggers or even receiving tailored ads on Instagram, you have already taken part in inbound marketing.

So while you may not be working in the professional field just yet, becoming inbound marketing certified opens up doors to possibilities that will only enhance your professional development. But you may be wondering, what exactly is inbound marketing?

Here is a side-by-side comparison to help you guys out:

Old school marketing:

  • Uses tactics that interrupt people’s day-to-day lives
  • Provides only one-way communication
  • Pushes products or services on customers

Inbound marketing:

  • Provides content that helps people find a solution to a problem they have  
  • Communication is interactive and goes two-ways
  • Earns people’s interest instead of buying it

OK, so you might be thinking, “That sounds pretty awesome but how does becoming inbound certified help me when I’m still a student?” Let’s find out together:  

It’s Not Taught in Schools

Inbound marketing makes it possible to craft a message that speaks directly with an audience actively searching for that specific piece of information. This creates a two-way line of communication that enhances the user experience by turning one-time visitors into content promoters. But due to inbound marketing’s relatively recent introduction as a marketing method, classrooms lack the current knowledge to keep up with its advances.

This forces inbound marketing to take a back seat in schools’ current curriculum, as teachers continue zeroing in on more traditional marketing methods like media planning/buying, writing for radio/television/print and interruptive communication. While those methods are still in use, consumers are beginning to ignore these communication channels and opting for more personalized and commercial-free content.

These personalized consumer experiences are why inbound has become so popular so quickly. Eventually, schools will have to eventually catch up and join in on the inbound movement. Until that happens, it’s up to us as future professionals to make ourselves stand out against the masses by becoming inbound certified while we are still in school.

You’ll Stand Out Among the Masses

We may attend different schools, participate in different programs and have varying levels of real-world experience. But when it comes right down to it, we form a sea of a resumes with identical skill sets, industry knowledge and personality traits. So whether you’re gearing up your resume in search for your next internship or a new work opportunity, potential employers want applicants with that little ‘something extra’ that distinguishes them from the other applicants.

That’s why taking the initiative to stand out through acquiring new industry insights will only enhance your potential in the job market. It’s just like what inbound marketing teaches us—that we shouldn’t go out shooting in every direction to try to gain someone’s attention. Instead, we should focus on tailoring ourselves with the skill sets and knowledge that are being sought after.

This will show future employers that we are serious about our careers by learning as much as we can before stepping foot into the workforce.    

Promote Your Personal Brand

Once you become inbound certified, not only will you know how to attract new visitors and create content for future clients, but you’ll understand new methods of how to promote yourself in the process.

An inbound certificate will amplify your perspective on the ever-evolving world of marketing while granting you with a certificate to show off for all to see and admire. Add your inbound certificate to your social media channels, your website, resume and even your email signature to show others that you have undergone training.

You can also use the knowledge you’ve acquired to start creating your own content. Just because we’re students doesn’t mean we don’t have the authority to write about what we’re passionate about. Writing blog posts about what you’ve learned and then promoting the content on your social media channels will allow you to exercise the knowledge you’ve acquired while promoting your professional development.

For us students, getting inbound certified will open new doors of possibilities while giving us a broader understanding of the communication field.