4 SaaS Apps Backed by Data That Will Help You Stay Productive

4 SaaS Apps Backed by Data That Will Help You Stay Productive
4 SaaS Apps Backed by Data That Will Help You Stay Productive

December 28, 2015

Written By Nick Osler

We’ve got a few digital tricks up our sleeves. Tricks that keep us on task, up to date and inspired as we charge through the work week. While not all of these are necessarily applications, we use the following tools to help us get through our to-do lists every day. As a SaaS Marketing Agency, we want to ensure that we can help introduce the best tools that SaaS companies can leverage to maximize productivity.


Any inbound marketing agency employee will tell you that project management software is essential to keeping track of tasks, internal and external communications, issues with projects, and much more. But did you know that 44% of project managers don’t use software, even though it’s been proven that project management software increases performance and satisfaction?

In comes Teamwork. If you haven’t used PM software before or if you need to upgrade from your current one, Teamwork is the go-to software for marketers—especially those that use HubSpot. With Teamwork and HubSpot integrations, you can create projects and notebooks, follow tasks, and even track time right from the HubSpot Dashboard.


40 percent of people say they’d get a lot more done if coworkers would quit chatting with them, and nearly 24% complain that they spend too much time talking about work rather than actually working. Increase the amount of time you can be hands-down, and combine work chats and fun chats with HipChat. This is a great SaaS company, that has an open source chat system.

HipChat is a great, straight-forward app that allows us to collaborate and send files, links, and—more importantly—a GIF or two. Chats are organized per person, and private rooms can be created to host discussions about a particular topic. Video calling, screen sharing, drag-and-drop file sharing, and a ton of other great features (like custom emojis!) make this a great alternative to standard emails. This real-time communication is also great for agencies with remote employees, a work-from-home policy or offices around the world.


Sometimes the best boost to your productivity is a good playlist. And studies show that certain types of music can help boost your productivity by not only blocking out noisy co-workers, but boosting creativity as well. However, we tend to stick to ambient music that is lyric-free. Experts hypothesize that it’s difficult to focus on language-based tasks while listening to your favorite sing-a-long jams.

On Spotify? Check out these great playlists that are perfect for staying focused and cranking through your to-do list:



We work in marketing. It’s inevitable that we are going to find ourselves on Twitter, or browsing through industry blogs to stay on the leading edge of industry updates. But even though we are trained not to go down the click hole, it’s inevitable. In fact, 48% of us waste time at work just surfing the Web from this SaaS application.

Instead of going straight to the source, sign up for Feedly. It aggregates all of the blogs you follow and topics you’re interested in reading about in a streamlined place. Being able to read content right from the Feedly interface eliminates the chances of you clicking on other CTAs that don’t need your attention.

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